Is not really in Texas

Well, nor yet anyway. This short and sweet entry is coming to you live from the road. I'm pretty sure we are somewhere in Oklahoma. This 20+ hour haul from the Midwest to nowhere West Central Texas is giving me lots of time to explore my mobile options. I'm learning a lot of new things.

For example, I really stink at typing on my iPhone. Despite an impassive WPM on a standard key board, I am horrid on this tiny little pad.

Also, despite my resistance to joining, I am now addicted to Twitter. I'll even confess that I am desperate for someone to "retweet" me. That's right I am now a shameless social media whore. In fact, as soon as I'm done pecking out this little blog I will plug it on Twitter in the hopes that one of the 6 people who follow me will actually read this.

My final technology insight is that I have become completely dependent on my computer for writing. The blank page of my lined notebook is scary. Knowing tomorrow will put me in front of an actual computer screen for the first time in over two weeks is enough to make a grown woman cry in her minivan.

Still, I am determined to keep my resolution to work on my book at least a little every day until it's done. My goal: completed first draft by the end of March. Then I can let it sit for a month and start really editing in May. Hopefully I can query this summer.

So take that technology! I can and will blog at will. Now I have to log in to twitter.