Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Getting Hot in Here: That's YAmore Blogfest

     I'm a sucker for a good love story.  So what could be better than a Blogfest full of steamy, YA love scenes?  You got me!
     Over at OasisforYA, everyone is posting 250 swoon-worthy words just in time for Valentine's Day.  So check out my snippet below from my current WIP The Watchers.  Then head over to Oasis to peruse all the other submissions.  Hope you like it!

 * * * * *
    I closed my eyes and tried not to breath while my skin soaked in his warmth. Could this really be happening? If I opened my eyes would I find myself in another daydream.
      I felt the resonance in his chest as he laughed lightly to himself.
      “Do I get to hear the joke?” I asked, eyes still closed.
    “Just me,” he said. “I was so worried about dancing, but you make it so easy. I'm actually looking forward to homecoming now.”
     Despite my silent prayers the music stopped. I grudgingly opened my eyes and lifted my chin to look up at Charles. He was smiling down at me. Slowly, so slowly his movements were almost undetectable, he lowered his head until his mouth was right beside my ear. Tenderly he whispered, “Thank you for teaching me to dance.”
     He pulled his head back in slow motion, his perfect lips passing mere millimeters from my cheek as his chin brushed the side of my face. I couldn't respond as the depths of his eyes held mine. All the air was sucked out of the room and the temperature cranked to 200 degrees.
    We were already so close, but an eternity passed as he moved his lips closer and closer to mine. Without thinking I moved up on my toes, closed my eyes and tilted my chin. My whole body tingled in anticipation of the contact that was less than seconds away.


  1. Ugh - what a cliffhanger! I want kisses! Great set up though and very well written. Thanks for participating.

  2. I'm all about the set-up! The anticipation of a kiss is what gives me the warm fuzzies. Thanks for reading.

  3. OH!!! I agree why would you tease us lol? :) Still, great job at the build-up!

  4. LOL love the tease! awesome job!

  5. Oh SNAP! You just stop right there? LOL. Nice tease! :)

  6. Sorry for stopping at the good stuff, ladies. You can blame YA Oasis for limiting us to 250 words. :)

  7. Ohhh...the butterflies, I can feel the butterflies :D but please tell me they WILL kiss, right? :D

    1. Yeah for butterflies. This one actually turns into a near-miss-kiss (stupid little brothers). But just think how much better the actual kiss will be with 5 more chapters of build up. :)


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