When we moved to Texas one of the first things we did was suspend our cable service.  Our family income was getting cut in half and sacrifices needed to be made.  At first we figured we could try it out, maybe look into a Hulu-type service.  We could always turn the cable back on.

So now that we are a full two months sans TV I have to confess...I don't miss it at all.  I thought I would be sad missing out on watching some of my favorite shows.  I do love me some Fringe and Warehouse 13.  But honestly, I'm not sad.  I know if I really wanted I could watch episodes online, but I haven't even done that.  I'm fairly confident we will not be hooking back up our cable service.

What I realized is that the time I was dedicating to TV is much better spent writing, reading and enjoying my family. 

Now we aren't ready to get rid of all our modern niceties.  I will never relinquish the internet and my smart phone has become very useful.  But it does make me wonder what other things I have in my life that are distracting me from the goals I really want to achieve.

So what is distracting you?  Have you gotten rid of a modern-day must-have?  Do you miss it?