New Adventures

So today was kinda a big deal for me.  Officially, today was my first day as a self-employed marketing consultant.  While most of me is pretty excited about this new chapter in my life, part of me is super nervous.

After spending the past (many) years in cubicle world, I've gotten pretty used to the old office scene.  Arrive in the morning(ish), get some coffee, make my rounds, then work feverishly until it's time to go home.

So now, it's just little ol' me, in my home office.  While I do have a reliable coffee maker, I fear I'm going to miss making the rounds.  Unlike most writers who profess to be extreme introverts, I thrive on human contact.  In fact, when taking the Myers-Briggs Personality Test I am 100% Extrovert.  And that's not hyperbole.  I don't score a single point on the introvert side of things.

On one hand, this is great.  Being a people person is what helps me to succeed in the marketing world.  It also helps me create realistic characters (because I talk to everyone).  On the down side of things, it makes me a little dependent on human contact.

So while I'm still really excited, I'm going to allow this blog post to serve as fair warning to the internet community as a whole.  If you engage me in a conversation on FB, Twitter, YALITCHAT, this blog or any other social medium I will engage you back.  And then you may have to tell me to go away.  It's ok; I promise not to be offended.