A dissapointing google search

So this month I am participating in Robert Lee Brewer's April Platform Challenge. Every day Robert will post a challenge on his blog and...ok you get the idea of a challenge.

As I am nearing the end of my editing process, the awarness of my own platform (or lack thereof) is becoming more top of mind. Just for fun I did a Google search of my name to see what would pop up. I've heard that agents may do this to see what kind of online presence a potential client has.

Let me preface this by pointing out that my name is not so common. That being said, I can expect to get pretty clean results from this search.

So in goes my name, and my first results are what I expected: Facebook, Twitter and my YALITCHAT page. Ok, that makes sense. I spend every morning on those pages and my name is all over the place. Then I see my LinkedIn page. I don't go there often, but I'll take it. Then comes my MySpace page?

First, I thought I deactivated that thing years ago, but apparently not. Second, MySpace, really? Um, where's my blog. You know the one I post to several times a week that has part of my name in the URL?

Hopefully, I pick up a lot of great tips during the platform challenge, because apparently I need it.  If you're interested in the challenge please check out Robert's Blog My Name Is Not Bob. I'll be periodically posting tips that I pick up, and you may see some changes on the blog as a result of what I'm learning. Whatever happens, it should be an interesting exercise.