Monday, April 2, 2012

A dissapointing google search

So this month I am participating in Robert Lee Brewer's April Platform Challenge. Every day Robert will post a challenge on his blog and...ok you get the idea of a challenge.

As I am nearing the end of my editing process, the awarness of my own platform (or lack thereof) is becoming more top of mind. Just for fun I did a Google search of my name to see what would pop up. I've heard that agents may do this to see what kind of online presence a potential client has.

Let me preface this by pointing out that my name is not so common. That being said, I can expect to get pretty clean results from this search.

So in goes my name, and my first results are what I expected: Facebook, Twitter and my YALITCHAT page. Ok, that makes sense. I spend every morning on those pages and my name is all over the place. Then I see my LinkedIn page. I don't go there often, but I'll take it. Then comes my MySpace page?

First, I thought I deactivated that thing years ago, but apparently not. Second, MySpace, really? Um, where's my blog. You know the one I post to several times a week that has part of my name in the URL?

Hopefully, I pick up a lot of great tips during the platform challenge, because apparently I need it.  If you're interested in the challenge please check out Robert's Blog My Name Is Not Bob. I'll be periodically posting tips that I pick up, and you may see some changes on the blog as a result of what I'm learning. Whatever happens, it should be an interesting exercise.


  1. My name is very uncommon, so luckily Google is in my favor. It did take time for my blog to get moved up in the pages though. When did you start your blog? It might just take a little while.

    1. Good point! I hadn't considered length of time active when looking at the results.

  2. Change your "about me" to "about Sarah Negovetich" the google bots will see the words an extra time. But keep in mind just b/c your blog doesn't pop up first doesn't mean you don't have a platform. You may just have a bigger following on twitter than your blog. That's okay. I'm the opposite. And if I had to depend on twitter for a platform I'd be out of luck.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Beth. I've made the change.

  4. Yeah, I have an old MySpace page too, which ironically I can't even access because I forgot my password!

  5. Oh, Catherine, that's really bad. Now they have you right where they want you. I'm thinking forgotten passwords is the only thing keeping that site alive. :)


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