Monday, April 9, 2012

Managing Social Media

If you haven't heard about the My Name is Not Bob April platform challenge yet, please stop right now and go check it out. Robert Lee Brewer is dishing out sage advice on a daily basis to help us writerly folks improve and grow our platforms.  In a previous post, I mentioned my dismay with my blog's poor showing on a recent Google search. I retract any previous grumblings.

Not Bob is a genius and my cup now overfloweth. So now I have a new problem. How do I keep up with the social media of it all and still be a productive writer? We all know how addictive these sites can be. By the time I check Twitter, FB, post to my blog, and check out my favorite blogs/websites half the day is gone. Plus, with new content going up all the time, it's hard not to double or triple check some of these sites.

Now add in to that being courteous to my fellow writers. Now that I am getting new followers daily, lots of blog comments and RTs I need to thank folks. And not just in a hey-thanks kind of way, but in a meaningful way that opens a dialogue for growth.

I think I need to set up a schedule. And not just a vague 'in the morning' schedule, but a real honest stick to it schedule. I don't have one and it shows in my productivity this last week. So here's where you come in. What schedule do you use to keep from spending all day on the internet? How do you keep things running and still find time to write (and shower, cook, clean, watch kids and all the other stuff we have to do)? Let me know. Please!


  1. I schedule internet time around breakfast and lunch. We watch TV during meals in my house and I'm not a big TV person. So while my husband and daughter watch, I get my social media stuff accomplished.

  2. I don't. I have been working with social media platforms and currently my days are shot. For the last three days, promoting a book, I've spent 10-12 hrs / day on blogs, writing guest posts, learning about WTH is a Raffle Coptor, and on and on.

    I recognize that I'm in a learning curve, but my editor needs my latest m/s ASAP and I've been backburnering the 3rd draft before sending it in order to learn just how this modality operates.

    There are too many damn good bloggers out there!!!!
    Feeling a little overwhelmed, but I know from previous life experiences, I'll get a handle on it. One of the rare times I'm grateful for being in my 50's I guess...

    1. I think in your case, and with anyone in the hot seat of promotion, the scale is going to be tipped toward promotion and away from writing. Hopefully, once the biggest push is over, you can get back to the writing of it all.


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