Now what do I write?

First off, I have to apologize. I had a really fun blog planned for today, but I am computer challenged and technology was working against me. I have enlisted the help of my savvy husband and hope to have said fun post  up next week.

Instead, today I am asking for your help.

The novel is done(ish) and I am twiddling fingers waiting for feedback from my beta readers. I have some other, smaller projects to work on in my downtime, but that is not going to be enough. I can't just write nothing so my biggest question is: What do I write next?

A gals gotta write something
The good news is I have a ton of potential ideas floating around in my head. The bad news is I have a ton of potential ideas floating around in my head. Since current novel is the first book in a proposed trilogy, my gut reaction was to get started on book two. I even have some plot outline started. Go me!

But then I got to thinking. What if this book never sells? I'm not sure I'm up for self-publishing it. So if I write the second book, but the first one isn't published then...yeah, you see where I'm going with this.

I was just going to bite the bullet and write it anyway since it was the most intriguing idea in my list. But then...I took a shower. And we all know that's where the muse lives.

The shower muse gifted me a truly awesome idea for a YA Distopian. I'm not even a huge distopian fan, but this idea kicks so much tushy I'm having a hard time saying no.

Now I'm torn. Do I keep with my current momentum and write book two, keeping the faith alive that everyone will want to publish this masterpiece? OR Do I go with something completely different and potentially awesome?

Help! Anyone else wondering about writing book two? Advice from those who have been there? What's the word?