And the Liebster goes to...

I don't usually post on Thursdays, but today is an exception because I've just received my first blog award! The Liebster is mine!Yeah, the crowd goes wild.
I was nominated by Laurie Meyers for "doing so well managing social media". If Laurie says it, it must be true. Of course, I owe all my new found knowledge to the wonderful Robert Lee Brewer for all his sage advice during April's Platform Challenge.
So what is a Liebster? This is an award given to small blogs for being generally awesome at something. Yep, pretty vague. I tried to search for how the whole thing got started, but apparently even Google doesn't know. Here's what we do know. "Liebster" is German meaning favorite or dearest, and it's used to showcase up and coming bloggers.
Here are the Liebster rules:
* Thank the person who nominated you by linking back to them. (See Laurie's link above)
* Nominate up to five blogs with less than 200 followers.
* Let the nominees know they rock by leaving a comment on one of their blog posts.
* Add the Liebster image below so all your readers can know how awesome you are.
So here are my Liebster nominees. All these folks have one thing in common. They all rocked to the end in Robert's April Platform Challenge. So congrats to the following blogs for having the perseverance to fight to the finish:
Michelle Reynoso My Writing Life
Lynn Daue Rhymes with Tao
Alvarado Frazier Alvarado Frazier

Now go check them out!