The Fun of Writing

On Monday I talked about how much work it is to query agents and I'll admit I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, all is not doom and gloom over here in my little slice o' Texas.

While I'm scrambling to write eight versions of a synopsis that may or may not blow huge chunks, I'm also floating on the new project high. You know the one, where all the possibilities are endless.

I've yet to write a single word intended for reader eyes, but I've filled pages of notebooks with ideas and plot lines, character sketches and back story. I'm loving it.

I'm also trying something new this time round. I've created a Pinterest board for my book. Right now it has clothing and character inspirations, but over time I hope to add scene backdrops and other interesting stuff. I like the idea of having a visual inspiration to go to when the new project high wears off and the dear-god-will-someone-please-tell-me-how-to-write-this-scene panic sets in.

I'm also considering a play list since this will be my first dystopian and I want to make sure I hit the mood just right.

So I have three questions for you today.
1. Do you use Pinterest or other collection method to gather inspirational pictures for your books? If you'd like to share your link below with everyone please feel free. I love snooping in other people's heads.
2. Do you use play lists for your novels? Feel free to share those as well.
3. Since I'm more of a classic country kind of girl, what bands or artists would you recommend I check out to start my dystopian play list. If it helps, this is a girl takes on the establishment kinda book.

Thanks for sharing y'all!