I will not freak out. I will not freak out. I will not...

So...tomorrow is kinda a big day for me. Why, you ask? My goodness, you are nosy. But I'm gonna let it slide and tell you anyway.

Tomorrow is the first day, ever, that I am purposely letting a literary professional look at my work. That's probably not quite the mind-blowing announcement you thought it would be, but I gotta be honest. I'm freakin' out a little.

Oh, I've shared my work for sure. My critique partners and Beta readers have red-inked my MS into oblivion. I've posted pages, queries and a synopsis on YALITCHAT. But all those eyeballs were folks just like me. Writers/Readers. None of them had the power to say "This rocks, let me sell your book" or conversely "Get thy novel to the nearest trash receptacle".

All that changes tomorrow when I put my pitch on twitter as part of #WVTP (Writer's Voice Twitter Pitch). Two official agents (and probably a smattering of agent lurkers) will read my tag line and hopefully *rubbing rabbit's foot while simultaneously crossing fingers and caressing someone's bald head* request pages.

While I realize that tag lines do not a career make, getting an agent's attention is the first step on the long road of publication. I am also aware that two agents don't make great odds so I plan to *gulp* send my first round of query letters on Monday. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

I like to consider myself a fairly confident person, but all this exposure is starting to get to me. I'm afraid all this fear is going to get the best of me. "That suggests that what you fear most of all...is fear itself. This is very wise." Why thank you, Remus.

Still, I'm determined to do this. I'm putting on my big girl panties and pouring a big glass of wine. This great Writer's Digest article gave me some wonderful tips on how to harness that fear.  I will silence those voices taunting me and with some degree of composure I will hit the "Send" button. Lord help me!