I'm such a liar

I promised myself I wouldn't start any revisions until I got feedback from all my Betas. I lied.

I can't help it. I got amazing feedback! And by amazing I don't mean "This is wonderful don't change a thing." I mean "Hey, this part doesn't make any sense and this character trait is under developed". Yeah!

Maybe I'm a little masochistic, but I love hearing what's wrong with my work. To be clear, I am not looking forward to heading back to the blank page and crafting new scenes in a book I had hoped was finished.

That said, I know the feedback from my Betas was honest and spot on. So while the work ahead of me isn't thrilling, the improvements to my book are. I know these changes are going to make my novel stronger and will make for a better experience for my readers. And that makes me excited!