Self-Imposed Deadline: Update

Way back in February I committed to starting my query process on May 19th. I got some sage advice about knowing when to stop editing and I knew the only way I would ever stop is if I gave myself a deadline. Since that day is tomorrow, I felt the need for an accountability check in. I don't want to look chicken!

So here is where I am. I have comments back from almost all of my beta readers and they gave me some really great advice. I am still working through that because their comments made me realize I needed to add a few more scenes to develop a subplot a bit more. This is actually a good thing because my word count was slightly on the low side after my last round of revisions.

I have made my query list of agents and I'm almost done prioritizing them. My query letter is ready (Finally, thank the Lord) and I'm working through an edit of my synopsis. I still need to write a condensed one page version.

I am now stalking following all the agents I intend to query on Twitter so I can be obsessive about my submissions on every possible form of social networking. :)

I think I should be ready to send out my first round of queries by the 25th. I am also participating in the Writers Voice Twitter Pitch (#WVTP) on the 23rd.

This is a little past my deadline, but I'm actually okay with this. The point of the deadline (and publicly announcing it) was to force me to stop editing. Unless my last beta reader comes back with something earth shattering, my current round will be my last round of edits. Please don't ask me how many rounds this makes. I have no idea because I stopped numbering them for my sanity.

Overall, I am really pleased with the progress I made. Without the deadline, I might still be floating around in the world of eternal draft versions.