Why I love the writing community?

In the real world, when a contest or competition is announced people hide in the cubicles to craft a strategic plan to victory. In the writing world, people raise their hands and say "Let's help each other". It makes me all tingly inside.
Feeling the love?
A few days ago, several bloggers announced a twitter pitch session. Yeah! Who doesn't love the idea of pitching in the dark of twitter where no one notices the sweat stains on your blouse? It sounds really fun until you realize the need to condense your beautiful pitch into 140 characters. Less really, because you need to include the hash tag. (BTW this contest is #WVTP in case you're interested).

Then one lovely lady, Becca Weston over at Peculiar Light, came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of crafting in our writing cave black holes creating sub-par pitches, let's get together and really dazzle these agents with our sheer genius. Becca opened her blog to us as a place to post our pitches and get helpful suggestions from everyone else.

Is it strange to give advice to people you'll be competing against in just a few days? Maybe. Is it magical to be part of such a supportive community that encourages growth and sincerely roots for the success of others? Absolutely!

And just because I know you're dying to know, here's the current draft of my pitch. Feel free to add your own suggestions. :)

16 year old mind reader, Stacie, could spy on her hot neighbor, but fighting the forces of evil is probably a better use of her time. #WVTP