The Work of Writing

Most writers are familiar with the lesson that writing the first draft is only the beginning of the real work. And it's true. The editing process has been long and daunting. Since I'm waiting on Beta feedback I can see all that work from a distance and appreciate the outcome a bit more. So, once I put together the best possible piece of work I could accomplish on my own, I thought the hard part was over. I was wrong.

No one told me how hard the query process is. I guess that's not quite right, it's not as hard as it is daunting. First I had to do my research and figure out which agents I want to query. Then I put them in ranking order (because sending out 50 queries at a time is asking for a mental breakdown). After that, I searched through websites and blogs to figure out exactly what every agent wants as part of the submission.

I thought I was doing well, since I have a query and synopsis (both of which I'm getting feedback on now). Unfortunately, not everyone wants the same thing. Some agents don't specify a synopsis length, some want 1-2 pages, some want 1 page only, I have one agent that wants a 3-5 paragraph synopsis. What? Then you have agents who want a separate bio and one who wants a marketing plan. Come again?
I don't want to write another synopsis!

I spend hours combing agents sites and come away feeling numb...dead inside. I just want someone to read my book! And the worst part is that all this craziness is sapping my creative energy when I'm supposed to be working on my next book.

So what's your strategy? Do you only query agents who don't ask for additional materials? Do you have a folder on your computer with eighteen versions of your synopsis in varying lengths? Did you write a bio that says "I'm a literary nobody, but can you read my book anyway?"

Please tell me I'm not the only one who might need a vacation* by the time I actually start sending queries!

To be clear, I am a poor writer. When I say vacation I really mean a pedicure and a fudge bar.