Ah, it hurts my eyes! The pain. The pain!

Holy mother of ugly first drafts!

This weekend I got back to work on WIP2. After going back and forth (and reading through all your wonderful comments) I finally decided to take a mixed approach on how to fix this story. I read through what I have so far and my God! Sure there are moments of brilliance...maybe two of them. The rest of it is crapola of the stinkiest nature.

Yeah, it's kinda like that Courtesy Ryan Dickey

I have parts of this story that read more like a scene summary than a novel. I have two characters whose names I am constantly confusing - Paul and Alan, they aren't even close to each other. The tense and POV change constantly. I'm missing huge chunks of story and the timeline is all over the place.

So here's the game plan. Even though the first draft isn't complete (I'm only 1/4 way there) I felt that what I had was too rough to continue building on it. Instead, I'm going back through and making notes for all the things I need to fix, add, research, etc. I'm not changing them yet, but so far I have several pages of notes and I'm only 10 pages in.

Once I've done that, I'll have a better sense of the story being more filled out. Hopefully, that will let me stop thinking about it and keep going. I really want to tell this story.

I have a feeling this novel is going to go through a ton of revisions. A few years ago, that would have driven me nuts. If I knew the first draft was so bad that it would take months of revisions and rewrites I would file it away and start something else.

I'm going to take it as a sign of progress that I'm looking forward to finishing the first draft so I can make it all shiny.