Contests, Contests everywhere

Before I jump into today's post I just wanted to fill you all in on why my posts are coming more often. I am participating in a blog challenge this month where I'm going to try to write a new post every day. Yes, I know I'm doing Fast Draft in July. Apparently I'm crazy (this isn't news to me). So anywho, expect new blog content daily for the rest of July, you lucky dogs.

Today's real post is all about contests. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this summer is absolutely jam packed with agent contests. I've been seeing them everywhere. For your viewing pleasure here are five contests going on that offer critiques and chances to pitch agents. Maybe one of them will catch your eye. Good luck!

Contests Galore!

1. Writerly Rejects - Agent Pitch Contest
Dates: *Updated* Monday, July 9th, 9am to Midnight on Tuesday, July 10th
What do you win: Full Critique from Agent Claire Anderson-Wheeler
Details: You must follow the blog and send in a 3-5 sentence pitch. The top twenty will be sent to agent who will select the winner.

2. Lisa Burstein - Critique Contest
Dates: Now through July 20th
What do you win: Several possible prizes. A 3 chapter critique from Stacy Cantor Abrams, Susan Finesman, or Lisa Burstein. Also up for grabs is a $25 Amazon or BnN gift card.
Details: Rafflecopter entries for various actions (tweeting contest, following author, etc.) Bonus: If you win a critique and one of your entries was for purchasing Lisa's book, you get a bonus query critique.

3. Brenda Drake - Entangled Pitch Contest
Dates: Monday, July 16th, 10am est (open only for first 200 entries)
What do you win: Hopefully your pitch will snag the eye of one of the many Entangled editors. In addition, Editor Adrien-Luc Sanders will critique all 200 pitches that make it into the contest.
Details: Submit your 35 word pitch in the comments of the blog post on the official start date.

4. Ruth Lauren Steven - Agent Contest
Dates: July 9th, 6am - 3pm est
What do you win: Ten agents reviewing your work for possible requests.
Details: Send your query and first 500 words. The two hosts will select their top 15 submissions (each) and provide feedback to entrants. Revised entries will be posted and 10 agents (list here) will make requests.

5. YAtopia - New Adult Pitch Contest
Dates: July 10th (open only for first 100 entries)
What do you win: A possible request from Sara Megibow and/or Heather Howland
Details: This is open for novels that fit into the New Adult genre. Comment on the blog with all your details and a 35 word pitch.

There you have it. Five contests with lots of opportunities to get your work in front of the eyes of agents and editors. Good luck and be sure to let me know if you win!