Fast Draft in the Fast Lane

Holy mother of the Holy child, what on God's green earth did I sign up?

Panic Button
I'm ignoring you, Panic Button!

Yep, that is almost the exact thought that ran through my head when I read Candace Haven's introduction post for the Fast Draft class that starts today.

According to Candace I will now engage in the act of writing 20 pages (or @5k words) every day for the next two weeks. I will not edit, I will not re-read, I will not sit and stare at the blank page for the first hour waiting on coffee, my muse, inspiration or a sharp slap across the face to kick in.

I'm also not allowed to complain, because that would be negative and only inhibit my ability to produce 20 pages a day. And did I mention Candace assures me I can do this in about 3 hours each day.

Do you hear that? Probably not, since its the maniacal laugh of a mentally unstable person bouncing around in my skull.

I will stay positive. I will not focus on the fact that I have only had 5k days a few times in my writing career and they all took longer than 3 hours. I will ignore the fact that we just found out yesterday that we are moving across town and I need to squeeze my writing time between packing everything in my house into boxes. I will tune all of that out.

I will focus on the end goal of producing a kick-ass (read sucky) first draft of my next manuscript in two weeks. And then I will sleep.