Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fast Draft in the Fast Lane

Holy mother of the Holy child, what on God's green earth did I sign up?

Panic Button
I'm ignoring you, Panic Button!

Yep, that is almost the exact thought that ran through my head when I read Candace Haven's introduction post for the Fast Draft class that starts today.

According to Candace I will now engage in the act of writing 20 pages (or @5k words) every day for the next two weeks. I will not edit, I will not re-read, I will not sit and stare at the blank page for the first hour waiting on coffee, my muse, inspiration or a sharp slap across the face to kick in.

I'm also not allowed to complain, because that would be negative and only inhibit my ability to produce 20 pages a day. And did I mention Candace assures me I can do this in about 3 hours each day.

Do you hear that? Probably not, since its the maniacal laugh of a mentally unstable person bouncing around in my skull.

I will stay positive. I will not focus on the fact that I have only had 5k days a few times in my writing career and they all took longer than 3 hours. I will ignore the fact that we just found out yesterday that we are moving across town and I need to squeeze my writing time between packing everything in my house into boxes. I will tune all of that out.

I will focus on the end goal of producing a kick-ass (read sucky) first draft of my next manuscript in two weeks. And then I will sleep.


  1. Trust me, fast drafting doesn't equal a sucky first draft. For me, it results in a more fluid first draft. I'm a big planner though so that helps.

    Good luck!

  2. I'm in the same boat as you. Just signed up and then found out I'll be working double shifts this week. Ugh. But I'm telling myself that if I can do it THIS week then I can do it ANY week. :) Where did you read the introduction post? I paid a while ago, but haven't received any info on how to access the course and I'm super eager to get started.

  3. Good luck! Like you I've only managed 5K a day a few times, but it is doable. And just think how great you'll feel if you can make it!

    I've done NaNo a few times, and I find that if you do a whole lot early on, it gets easier later. So see if you can knock out 6 or 7K the first couple of days so you have a reserve for later if you really get stuck for time or inspiration.

  4. Fast drafts are the best, to me. I let everything else go in my mind, and then let the characters write it for me. They surprise me, every time.

  5. Okay, I'm weird but this sounds like a lot of fun to me. Good luck!


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