Friday Framework

One of the things I learned from FastDraft is that I perform best when I have specific goals or action items to accomplish. Writing 5k words every day was a concrete goal that I couldn't excuse with ambiguous wording. If my goal was just work on my WIP every day, that could be anything. I could write a few words, work on an outline, do a character sketch, find inspiring pictures on Pinterest...I think you see where this is going.

I'm going to try to expand on this new knowledge to set myself some concrete goals to accomplish each week. Each Friday I'll post my goals for the next week along with an update of how I did on the previous week's goals.

Next week's goals:
1. Write at least 15K words in WIP3
2. Read draft for WIP2 and make editing notes
3. Clean bathrooms and floors and change sheets on guest bed for in-law visit

And here's where you come in. I'd love for you to join me in setting goals. You can post them in the comments section or provide a link to your own blog where you've posted your goals.

So think about what you'd like to achieve next week (both in the world of writing and in your personal life). Tomorrow I'll post about how to write goals without wiggle room.