Happy Fourth, Y'all!

This will be a short blog today, because I'm hoping everyone has better things to do than sit around reading blogs on the 4th of July. With that in mind I have only two things to say:

1. Happy 4th!
No matter what side of the political coin you fall on both parties can agree that being an America rocks big time. No offense to the British, but today we celebrate kickin' tail and taking names. Today we remember the folks who came before us and stood up for themselves. So today, celebrate your independence and remember to stand up for who you are.

2. Take a break!
If you are reading this on the 4th, shame on you. I can promise I'm not writing it on the 4th (gotta love blog scheduler). So take some time today to unwind and relax. Take a day off from writing, editing, critiquing or staring at that blank page. Enjoy time with your family and friends so you can recharge your batteries and get back at it tomorrow. Writing may be your job, but everyone gets vacations.

Happy 4th of July!