SEO and why I don't get it

To be clear, I understand what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization for those of you who are where I was three months ago). What I don't understand is how it works.

In April I did Robert Lee Brewer's platform challenge. SEO was a topic and one of our tasks was to google ourselves. The results were a bit scary. My blog was nowhere to be seen and my first hit was a MySpace page I hadn't touched in years. I deactivated the MySpace account and tried to forget about those awful results.

I did really well until a fellow challenge participant Googled something and then was lovely enough to let me know that my blog showed up on the first page of results. Yeah! (And thanks, Monique)

So, I couldn't resist and had to do another Google search to see if my results improved.

The good news is that my blog now shows up on the first page of results. Number six.

The bad news is that my first hit is to an SAP community network site. What? To be fair, I am a member of this site. It is the forum location for a popular web-based analytic tool that I use in my marketing work. I created a login back in 2008 to post a question to the community. That was the one and only time I have logged on to this site.

Can someone please explain to me how the best search result for my name is a random site I am a member of, but have not posted to in almost 4 years? (banging head on desk)

And that's why I don't worry about SEO. Am I glad that my blog is doing better in the search engine? Sure. Am I going to worry about adding in tons of key words and phrases so my blog gets better results? Nope. Cause stuff like the SAP site are going to pop up and make me batty.

So what about you? Do you worry about SEO? Do keywords keep you up at night? Are you opening another browser window to Google yourself? Busted.