Yeah for blog awards

Today has been a really hard day for me on the FastDraft front. My girls refused to nap at the same time and I had to do a few household chores before we ran out of clean underwear. That being said, I fully intend to finish my 5K, but I was struggling with a blog post.

Thanks to the fabulous Elizabeth Prats. I have something fun to blog about. Elizabeth has gifted me with two blog awards:

  So now I'll pass these along, but not before I share seven tidbits about myself. So in no particular order here are some awe inspiring facts about me.

1. I was a founding member of my high school's philosophy club. Yes, we met once a week and discussed the work of a well known philosophers.

2. I am the second of four girls, but at 4'10" I am the shortest.

3. My first major in college was Spanish and I can still speak              enough to get by in Mexico.

4. I have lived in five states: Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

5. I am a total sap. I cry during Disney movies, Hallmark commercials, and YouTube flash mob proposals.

6. My name was supposed to be Rachel because that's what my parents decided if I was born with dark hair. I was a total blonde but my dad told everyone my name was Sarah so they had to keep it. One of my younger sisters ended up with Rachel.

7. I was one of seven Sarahs in my sorority pledge class so I spent four years as Denny (my maiden name is Densford).

And now for seven deserving folks:

1. JL Spelbring for introducing us to some fabulous new and upcoming authors this summer.

2.  Adrianne Russell because she tells us the nitty gritty like it is and isn't afraid to cop to a guilty pleasure.

3. Tabitha Olson always provides great lists and writing quotes chock full of inspiration.

4. Eric Arvin who is an old friend of mine and is fearlessly living his dream.

5. Christi Snow reads and writes romance and is a wonderful CP.

6. Rachel Desilets for being the creative soul that she is.

7. Sara Biren because YA writers are the coolest.

So go check out all the cool kids. They deserve it!