Friday Framework*

Eeek. I can't wait for summer to be over. I have got to get back on my schedule. I'm a big slacker and completely missed posting an update on my weekly goals last week. So here's an update along with what I've got planned coming up.

Last (2) week's goals:
1. Write at least 15K words in WIP3
2. Read draft for WIP2 and make editing notes
3. Clean bathrooms and floors and change sheets on guest bed for in-law visit

So, I didn't get very many new words in for WIP3 and I made only a few editing notes for WIP2. But before you think I didn't do anything, I have a confession. I worked on WIP1. This is the project I thought was done months ago. The project I sent out a round of queries for. The one I set aside.

I can't let go of this story. Maybe I'm too invested in these characters or maybe I've come to love the editing process too much. Either way, I can't stop working on this thing. 

On the "yeah, I did this" side of the accomplishment list, I did clean my bathrooms and such for my in-law's visit. In fact, they are still here. :)

So what's my plan for next week?

1. I need to write at least 5K words on WIP3. This is a great story and I really need to tell it. This is one of those 'get your butt in the chair' situations.
2. Re-evaluate structure of WIP1. I can't stop thinking about it so I need to let my brain work out what's going on so I can focus on other things.
3. Critiquing. I have lots of critiquing to do. I need to get myself caught up because my next editing project is due for arrival around the end of this month. I want to be clear on other things so I can give this next project my full attention.

Now it's your turn. How are you doing on your goals? What do you have planned for next week?

*On a semi-related note, I've started naming this weekly goal check-in 'Friday Framework', but I'm not in love with it. I'd love to hear your ideas on what to name this weekly public check-in.