Day one: in the record books

Yeah! If your reading this, you survived your first day of fast draft. Unless you've figured out a way to read blog posts from beyond the grave. If that's the case, good luck in your Ghost Writing career. :)

I couldn't help myself! Source

Do you feel awesome, exhausted, or both?

I hope you feel motivated. Even if you didn't quite hit your word count goal. Hopefully you learned some ways to get more words in so you can power through today.

The key to hitting your goal is to keep going. Fast drafting is a bit like dieting. Just because you fell of the wagon once doesn't mean you call up Domino's delivery and eat ice cream from the carton. And if you had an awesome day, just think of how much closer you are to your end goal.

No matter day one looked like for you, recognize the fact that you have more words written today than you did yesterday morning and that's a good thing. So jump back in and keep writing!

My word count:
Goal: 5000
Actual: 5114 Wohoo!

So, how'd you do?