Fast Draft Kick Off

Happy Fast Draft Kick-off Day!

I'm make this short because I have some writing to do. Today starts all the fun so I hope you're ready. Here's how the blog is going to work for the next few weeks. Every day I'll have a post up (but since I'm squeezing words in, don't expect anything genius). Stop by the blog for some inspiration and motivation and check in on your progress.

Every day you should leave a comment with your success from the previous day. So tomorrow, stop by and leave a comment to let us know how you did today. Don't forget to tell us what your personal goal was for the day and how much your wrote. Your goal can be in words, pages, chapters, scenes, anything that works for you.

Try to leave excuses at the door, but feel free to share anything you're learning that might help others to reach their goals.

I know several of you have mentioned concerns about goal setting and what number to use. To help, I've created a pretty simple goal worksheet which you can download from Googledocs. This can help if you are starting from scratch or working to finish a WIP. Just fill in the light blue boxes at the top and the document will calculate what your daily goal should be in order to finish your MS.

And because I'm anal, I've color coded the daily goal counts, which adjust based on the amount of writing you completed the previous day. So long as your goal stays under 5K per day, your boxes will stay green. But as your goal climbs (from lack of prior day progress) the color escalates to three alarm fire red. Yeah, I know. I'm a big nerd.
Drafting Goal worksheet

Since today is our first day, I'd love it if everyone writing along would leave a comment to introduce yourself and share a little bit about what you'll be writing for the next two weeks.

I'll start :)

Hi, My name is Sarah. I'm going to use this fast draft session to complete a YA Dystopian I've been working on for a while now. I'm about halfway done with the MS so the second half is in my sights.

Now it's your turn!