FastDraft Round 2

I must be nutty. I've agreed to do another FastDraft with some of my writing mates. Yep, certifiably nutty.


 Why have I agreed to another two weeks of pumping out a minimum of 5K words each day?My current WIP (#3) is taking too long.

I started this bad boy back in June for Camp Nanowrimo. I got about 20K words in before the enormity of it's awfulness pulled me under. So I put it away and vowed to pull it back out when I had my head in a better place.

In August I peeked at it and realized it wasn't complete garbage, but what I had certainly wasn't working as it was. I started re-writing, changing both the POV and the tense in order to make it the story I really wanted to write.

And that leads me to today. I'm still working through that original draft, digging out the random gems of goodness and scratching out lifeless prose that is only holding the story back. It is taking forever. I need a little external motivation.

Bring on the drafting.

On September 15th I'll sit down and finish this thing, even if it kills me. But before then, I need to finish sifting through what I already have. I have ten days to go through about forty more pages. This is completely doable.

After that, the fun and games begins. I already have two others who have promised to draft like crazy with me. Who else wants in?

All you have to do is set a daily writing goal (the standard is 5K words per day) and then write it. That's it. Nothing more complicated than writing every day (which you are already doing, right?). You can start something brand new or vow to finish the WIP you've been chugging away at. I'll be posting every day for a little public accountability. You can stop by and brag on yourself, too!

So, whose with me?