Finding lost time

The most common reason  fellow writers cite for why they don't write more is time. I hear this everywhere, including coming from my own mouth.

There are all kinds of things we can do as writers to find those extra minutes in the day. Things like turning off the TV or ignoring the internet. The one that always sounds good, but never end well for me is getting up early. The issue I have with these solutions is that I have to give someone up in order to utilize them, and that can be hard to do. There I said it, I like the internet.

So here's an easy tip that doesn't mean giving up any of the writing excuses you already cling to: a voice recorder.


Most of us spend hours each day on mindless tasks that require both hands, and prevent any writing. Cooking dinner, folding the laundry, driving to work, come to mind but there are tons of others. So why waste this time?

Instead, invest in a digital voice recorder, or even better use the one on your smart phone, to "write" your novel. Just set it down on the counter, passenger seat or couch cushion and dictate away.

"But, Sarah...," you say in that awful whiny voice we writers tend to adopt when someone suggests something that makes too much sense to ignore. "people will think I'm crazy if I spend all my time talking to a voice recorder."

True, but here's a news flash. You write stories about the imaginary people who live in your head. You passed crazy a long time ago.

Fast draft update:
Yesterday's goal: 5K
Actual result: 527, I tried to write through a migraine but gave up an hour in. I'm hoping after sleeping most of the day yesterday, today is sunnier. :)