Motivating your writing

Yesterday I talked about making sure your characters have the proper motivation. Today, I'm asking if you have the right motivation.

I'm not talking big picture, are you writing for the right reasons kind of thing. I talking about daily motivation to sit your butt in the chair each day and pound out words.

Mmmmmm...chocolate! Source
 Last time I did a fast draft, I rewarded myself with some quality chocolate each day I hit my goal. At the end I got a mani/pedi finished draft reward.

This time I am rewarding myself with a good book. Each day I finish my word count I get to read another chapter in a book I've had on my TBR pile for a while. And when I'm done, I'm heading south to the Austin Teen Book Festival where I plan to buy more books and fangirl a bit.

What about you? Do you have daily rewards for good writing behavior? To quote Sheriff Woody, "If you don't have on, get one!"

Fast Draft Update:
I know several of you just started in on the fun yesterday, so welcome to the party!

Day 3 results:
Goal: 5000K
Actual: 3418K
I'm pretty bummed that I didn't hit my goal today. I had a big stump spot today that I just couldn't work around. I finally got it at the end of the night and pushed through to get close. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day.

How are you guys doing?