Pushing the Boundaries

How many words do you normally write in a day? 500, 1000, 3000? Depends? If your working through fast draft with us this week, Hopefully you're kicking tail somewhere in the 5000 range.

But what if you could do more?

Remember last November when Nanowrimo felt like climbing Kilimanjaro? 50,000 in a month? What? But that's only 1667 words per day. During fast draft you can eat that many words for breakfast.

I bet 5000 words/day sounded like crazy pants, but maybe not as much now that you're a few days in. I hope it's starting to feel easier.

This man is crazy pants. Wonder if he's a writer? Source

Again I ask, what if you could do more?

If you're hitting 5000 words, what if you pushed it to 5500 or 6000 or 7500? What if you wrote 10K words in one day!

Imagine how awesome it would feel to lay your head on the pillow knowing you bulked up your manuscript by that many words. You'd be on a crazy writer high. And like most addicts, already thinking about your next hit.  Writing like that can be addictive.

Today I'm challenging you to kick it up a notch. No matter how many words you're writing each day, increase it (a little or a lot) and push yourself to do more. I bet you surprise yourself with your awesomeness!

Fast Draft Update
Yesterday's goal: 3000
Actual: 3091