Hollow Bloghop Giveaway

The fantastic Minnie at Sunset Reader Reviews is hosting a fun Halloween Bloghop giveaway. Tons of great bloggers are participating so I encourage you to check out their pages at the bottom of this post.

In the spirit of handing out treats, I'm giving away a 30 page critique. Comments will include observations such as characterization, plot/suspense points and continuity along with line edits for sentence structure and word choice. I've also wrangled a few agents from Corvisiero Literary Agency to offer up some Query and Synopsis Critiques!

Winning is as easy as ringing the door bell, holding out your bag and yelling "Trick-or-Treat". Just leave a comment about your favorite Halloween goodie and sign up with the fancy Raffle thingy.

Want to know more about our participating agents? Great! Here they are!

Stacey Donaghy is absolutely thrilled to be part of Marisa’s team at Corvisiero Literary Agency. Stacey is a professional trainer, educator, and public speaker. Her education and background includes social services specializing in gerontology and palliative care. Over the years she developed an interest in human behavior, and subsequently began to research and study criminology/profiling, and has completed trainings in behavioral management. Stacey has also been trained in Principled Negotiation Techniques, and Behaviour Based Interviewing. She has worked for over twenty years with vulnerable individuals and currently Chairs an Investigation process where she oversees all cases of allegations of abuse and violence in the workplace.  She manages an education and training department, with primary responsibilities that include research and curriculum development.

Jamie Drowley is ecstatic to take on a new role as Agent Apprentice with the Corvisiero Literary Agency with an amazing team of professionals.
Dr. Jamie Drowley is an Orthodontist, Air Force veteran, inspirational columnist, military spouse, mother of three, and pet rescuer extraordinaire.
Jamie is building a client list, and is a fan of YA fiction with elements of fantasy, humor, mystery, and action. She loves strong characters with a distinct voice and unique story lines that stay with her long after she is finished reading. In adult fiction, she is interested in romance, paranormal, historical, mystery, and thrillers. MG that makes her laugh and are imaginative with a clear voice.

If you're interested in querying these lovely ladies, check out their submission guidelines here.

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And don't forget to check out the other stops on the hop so you can get your pillowcase full of goodies. :)