Agency Lessons

Why querying is a lot like sorority recruitment!

So I'm coming at this from a bit of experience having been a sorority girl. Yep. I was even the recruitment chair.

It's true! And I can't help but notice the similarities between trying to join a sorority and the search for your dream agent. When I was the one going through recruitment I thought all the pressure was on me to be the coolest girl ever. Once I joined, I figured all the pressure was over, but I was wrong. Truth is, while I was outside hoping they'd think I was good enough to get in, they were inside hoping I would think they were good enough to want to join.

So, how does that relate to querying? You send off your bright and shiny manuscript to your favorite agents, and running through your head is "Please let them see how awesome this is! Puh-lease let them like it!"

Though probably with more clothes on.

And you think that on the inside of the agency everyone is just waiting to give you and your manuscript the big thumbs down.

But the truth is, behind the agency door, the agents are just as nervous! They read an awesome manuscript and think "Pick me, Pick me".

So you sit around waiting for "the call"...

and when the agent of your dreams offers representation, you do a happy dance...
Meanwhile, your dream agent is in her office chugging down copious amounts of coffee (or other liquid fuel), praying that you call her back to accept the offer.

So when you call and say in your most professional voice ever, "Holy Crap, I'd love to be your client", there really is celebration on both sides of the fence.