Contest Awesomeness

Today is short and sweet because I am a busy lady this week. We have a leak in our bathroom, my car died last night (fingers crossed for an easy fix), I have tons to do for the internship, I'm working on a read through, a bright shiny new idea flooded my brain yesterday, and I'm getting my submission ready for #PitchWars.

If you are an un-agented writer with a completed (read polished till it shines) manuscript, you need to check this out.

The contest is hosted by the fabulous Brenda Drake who comes up with the best ideas ever for contests. Over 30 mentors (agented writers, interns and editors) will pick one writer based on their query and first five. Together they will shine those puppies up and then present them to a team of agents.

The team with the most requests gets gift cards, but  honestly, no one cares about the gift cards. This is all about getting some insider help and hopefully snagging an agent.

The twitter feed for this contest is hilarious and the good news is you still have plenty of time to enter. Entries are due by December 5th. Plenty of time. So head over to Brenda's blog and tell her I sent you.