Back in the Saddle with a new Direction

After a few weeks off visiting family and friends, I'm back in town and ready to get back to my regular blogging. The break was great, but I missed the wonderful interactions from this blog and the many others I visit regularly. That's all the motivation I need to keep going.

December marked the one year anniversary of Sarah Nego Writes. I've been extremely pleased with how the first year went. This has been my first time blogging so there were a lot of learning opportunities and growing pains in this first year. That said, there were also a lot of successes. :)

Moving into 2013, I plan to make a few changes around the blog. Visually, I'm still not 100% in love with how the blog looks so I plan to take some time in the next few months to play around with options and get the pages to look exactly how I want.

In regards to content, I'm planning to make a few changes here. I've gotten some great positive feedback on the weekly "Agency Lessons" post so I plan to continue that with the next one coming next Monday on what exactly an agency intern does.

When I first started the blog it was more of an account of my writing journey, but I don't think that really serves me or you in the way I had hoped. Instead, I'm planning to take my professionally marketing experience and the new information I'm learning through my agency PR work to turn the blog in a new direction. Starting on Wednesday, I'm planning to write a weekly post on how we can be better marketers, both of ourselves as writers and of our writing.

In this same line, I'd like to use more time on the blog to help other writers in their marketing efforts. My goal is to highlight a new writer each week to discuss their new projects or their marketing efforts. Hopefully, we can all learn from each other and spread the word about talented writers. If you would like to be showcased with a new book or an interesting marketing experience, please contact me at SarahNegovetich(at)gmail(dot)com.

I'm excited about the future of the blog and hope that this new direction piques your interest as well. If you have a specific topic on marketing you'd like to see discussed here, please contact me at the email address above.