Sinning on Social Media

We're taking a break from guest posts today, but never fear, they will be back next week with a great post about all the options available to authors today.

Since we are digging in to the various social media channels I wanted to share this really great post from Anne R. Allen. If you don't follow her blog, you really should. She has a great mix of writing and marketing advice that is applicable to authors in all kinds of publication channels.

Anne talks about the mistakes that so many authors make (no one that reads this blog, I'm sure). 
We've all seen the ones she's talking about. They signed their publication contract yesterday, so today they are all over the interwebs setting up accounts on every site, inviting everyone they may have ever known to like them, and spamming the Twitterverse with "look at me" tweets.

They are breaking all of the rules, and it makes the rest of us grimace in pain. Anne shares quite a few big no-no's on her blog. I'd love to hear from you guys. What are the behaviors on social media sites that drive you bonkers?

And let's not forget that social media can be a great place to let others know about your work. What are the best ways you've seen authors share their work without becoming Swarmy Spamster?

Share your best sins and praises in the comments.