Standing Out in a Crowded Blogosphere

Today I want to take a pause in the "Writer's guide to" series and talk about something that can apply to any social media medium you decide to use: Standing Out.

I recently read this great post from Firepole Marketing about mistakes even the big players are making. While the article isn't targeted to writers, there is plenty there for us to learn. Several fatal flaws are mentioned, but the biggest one is a failure to share your Value Proposition.

Marketers like to use fancy terms to describe basic things (I can say this because I am one). Basically, a Value Proposition is what you are offering to your readers/viewers that they can't get somewhere else. This Value Proposition is your biggest selling point when it comes to encouraging readers to invest their time (and money) in you.

So how do you determine your Value Proposition? I really like an exercise Christina Katz recommends in her book Get Known Before the Book Deal. She suggests making a list of all the words that describe you. These can be both adjectives (energetic, quiet, reliable) or labels (mom, writer, teacher). Once you have a long list, start combining the descriptions into groupings of two or three. Some are going to be fairly common like "mom and writer". Skip right over these and keep going until you find a few that are unique.

I'll use myself as an example. I'm a writer and an agent. It's not a common combo, but hardly unique. Several others out there have already capitalized on this. But if I take this combo and add in my years of experience in marketing, I have something a little different. Writer, Agent & Marketing Lady.

Now it's your turn. Are you maximizing your Value Proposition?