Building the Buzz: Day 10 Love for the Library

Alright, we're making some progress. Hopefully, word will be getting around town about your book. But don't think you're done with the the hometown business. There is still more to do on the home front. We are staying local and showing a little love to the library.

Library's have a lot more in common with writers than just a love of books. We both operate on low budgets with not enough staff. We both want people to read more. We're both always on the lookout for creative ways to get people reading more.

This is good news, because it sets up a win-win situation.

Libraries love hosting writers, but usually lack the budget to bring someone in from out of town. By volunteering your time to the local library, you provide them with much needed programming while garnering some face time in front of a captive audience.

Just remember, that libraries should be approached just like media agencies. Keep in mind they are there to promote reading, not you. Think about what you can offer their patrons. What about a writing workshop or a seminar on a topic related to your book. Pair this up with a short reading from your book, a Q&A session and a book signing and now you have an event. Work with your publisher, local book store or a company like Book People to make sure attendees can purchase your book on site.

Another way to engage with your local library is to donate a copy of your book. Everyone loves free stuff. If you have any swag like bookmarks. Ask your library if you can leave some at the circulation desk for patrons.

I also recommend checking to see if your library has any book clubs or special interest groups. If you write in a genre that would be relevant to one of these groups, ask if you can do a private author chat with them to discuss your book. It may be only a small group of people, but for 30 minutes of your time you have the chance to create dedicated fans of your work.

For today's task, go make friends with your local librarian. Introduce yourself and your work and ask to set up a time to talk about ways you can help the library.

On an unrelated note, I want to let you guys know about an auction I'm participating in. Here is the link to my item in Brenda Novak's Diabetes Research Auction. There are hundreds of items donated from all over and all the proceeds go to Diabetes Research. Go check it out (after your library visit).