Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Building the Buzz: Day 14 Alumni Authors

Two weeks down and two to go. Let's celebrate by branching out a little bit. Hey there alumni!

It's toot your own horn time, Buzzers. Remember how I said you're a local celebrity? Good news, you're also a hometown celebrity. You just have to let them know about it. Alumni newsletters are a great way to spread the word about your book. Colleges and high schools love making lists of "famous" alumni and as a published author, this includes you.

But they can't sing your praises if they don't know about it. You'll need another press release to do this, but the good news is you don't have to start from scratch. Use the one sent to local media, but change around the focus to your attendance at your illustrious alma mater.

You can send the press release to the alumni association. Even better, send it to the editor of the alumni newsletter/magazine. They may pick up the info in a short column. If you're lucky they'll want to spin your book into a feature story.

And don't stop there. If you were a part of any national organization in high school such as a sorority, fraternity, national honor society or a national writing society, send press releases to these organization as well.

Alumni associations and national organizations are always looking for content for their newsletters. Give them a story within a press release and spread the word.

Today's task, make a list of alumni publications and national associations you can claim membership in. Gather their contact information and send out press releases to these organizations.


  1. I'm pubbing under a pseudonym, so alumni/home town stuff won't work for me.
    You must be exhausted from posting every day. I'm doing a week-long Horror blog hop where I have to post every day and it's taking up ALL MY TIME!! (Luckily I don't have editorial notes or revisions to do yet.)
    Keep it up, Sarah! You're doing great! :-)

  2. I did this the other day! MY college had an online form for alumni authors. They are starting to put an alumni section in the library.

  3. Ah, yes, this one. It's definitely a good idea, but I have mixed feelings about my college. But I suppose I could use them for my own advantage, even if it is a money-hounding institution that will let the liberal arts buildings crumble while it builds a third, very nice, very expensive gym for the athletes.

    If you do publish under a pseudonym, like Lexa, can you not use alumni? I guess only if you aren't willing to say Sarah Zane A.K.A Sarah Jone?

    This is a great series. I look forward to the next two weeks :)

    1. I guess it all depends on how secret you want your writing to be. I know authors who use pen names and DO NOT reveal their real identities. This is especially common among erotica and fetish writers since many still have day jobs where they need to be professionals. Then there are some writers who use pen names, but aren't shy about their real identities (JK Rowling, Stephen King, etc.) It all depends on your level of separation between true identity and pen name.

  4. My hometown was one of my biggest supporters when I first got published. :)

  5. This is a great idea. I plan to use my high school (I went to TWO!) and my college. And my law school!! NICE!! I really think they'd all do a story. I'm always getting freaking magazines from college and law school. I think the Texas bar might do one too. :-)


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