Building the Buzz: Day 26 Video

Your biggest fans are going to want to get to know the author behind the books and the best way to do that is video.

Being the normally hermit like people that writers tend to be, the idea of a video of you hanging out on the internet for all of eternity is probably not your favorite idea. Too bad. Get over it. Sometimes we do things that make us uncomfortable, but we do them anyway. Sometimes we realize it wasn't as bad as we made it out to be. Video is like that.

Here's the thing. Readers like videos. They like knowing that you are a real person with dirty dishes in the sink and a cat that thinks your laptop is her personal heating pad. They like seeing you get excited about big news and emotional about happy news and all the other range of emotions.

Don't believe me?

I dare you to watch this video of Veronica Roth in a tub of marshmallows or this one of Kelly Hashway holding her book for the first time and not fall in love with these authors. Seriously? Kelly's video still gets me teary eyed. Why? Because it shows these authors are real people. They make us laugh and cry and have the feels. We like the feels so then we buy their books. And yes, for the record, I own both of these lady's books.

So don't worry about sounding silly or looking bad or not knowing what to say. Unless you stare at the screen and silently smile like a creepy serial killer, you're good. Just get in front of the camera and let your readers know who you are.

As a bonus, when media organizations are scheduling programming for tv, it makes it easier for them to call you if they see you are already comfortable in front of a camera and won't freak out on their morning show. 

For today's task, record a video. Seriously, any video at all. You don't have to post it. But if you don't, then make a commitment to make another video tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that until you have one you like.Then post it. When you do, share the link in the comments so we can all go tell you how fabulous you look.