Building the Buzz: Day 29 Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We've been taught since we were old enough to talk that when someone gives you something, you say thank you. Even us barbarian, cave dwelling writers know it. Yet, somehow, it doesn't always get said.

Oh sure, if someone physically gives us something we say thank you. And most of us remember on the occasion of grand gestures to show our appreciation. Unfortunately, it's the little things that get overlooked and are sometimes the most important.

Here are a few places that deserve a little adulation that might get missed:

1. The reviewer who wrote not just a review, but an absolute masterpiece of heartfelt appreciation for your book.
2. The reader who stopped by and commented at every single one of your blog tour stops.
3. The fan who sent a letter to tell you how much they enjoyed your work.
4. Everyone who is a part of an event. Not just the coordinator, but the staff who worked overtime to get everything ready, the nice lady who brought you an extra bottle of cold water, and the janitor who helped clean up when condensation caused that same bottle to slip from your hand and spill all over you. And don't forget the A/V guys. People always forget them.
5. Your blog readers.
6. Any and all media contacts.

Of course, a genuine "Thank you" is perfectly fine, but sometimes it's appropriate (and extra nice) to send a card. It takes only a few minutes, but an actual thank you note can have such an impact.

I used to give tours of the non-profit hospital where I worked. Everyone always said thank you afterwards, but one time, a tour attendee when above and beyond. He took the time to find out my full name and then sent an absolutely lovely note to MY BOSS, telling her what a great job I did. Talk about making my whole week. I still remember Mr. Jones (even though that event was several years ago) and made a point to find him to say hello any time he came to visit the hospital. And when his wife passed away, it was my turn to send a note. A simple thank you note created a friendship. Who knows what it can do for you.

So let me take a minute to say thank you to all of you. I have loved sharing my experience with you this month. I've been blessed by your participation and your willingness to spread the word about my little slice of the internet. Thank you!

Today's task, think about everyone who deserves a special thank you and make a point to send them a quick note of thanks.