Building the Buzz: Day 5 Review Links

You know how important review ares, both their quality and quantity. So are you making it easy for readers to leave a review? Are you maximizing review mileage?

Happy Cindo de Mayo, Buzz Builders
Yesterday, we talking about making sure your buy links are easy to navigate. Most writers know this crucial, but I see very few giving the same attention to reviews.

So let me share a secret. Lean in close so I can whisper this in your ear. Closer, closer...okay that's close enough. If you want readers to leave a review, ask them. Is your world rocked yet?

You've got your glorious cover photo, followed by easy to navigate buy links. Right under that, ask readers for their review. It's really that easy. Under the buy links, include a line like this: Help spread the word about "my book". Leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Here's another secret for you. The links for leaving a review are the exact same links for buying the book. You aren't giving them anything new, but if a reader already bought your book, they aren't going to click on buy links. Simply labeling the links differently reminds readers to leave a review.

For today's task, go back to your book pages and add an ask for reviews. For extra fun, make the link traceable with a link shortening service like This way you can see just how often readers are clicking. Bring on the reviews!