Agency Lessons: Query Feedback

I wrote a whole post today about how being new isn't an excuse to ignore submission guidelines. It was awesome. But then I realized that you, my lovely readers, already know this. And the people who don't will never find this blog anyway, because they aren't treating writing professionally. So I scrapped it and stared at the blank page until I could come up with a better topic for your Monday morning.

And I stared...

And stared...


I got nothing.

But that's no fun, so I thought what would be fun is some query feedback. Yeah! So here's the deal. You have today to get your query as good as you can. Starting tomorrow, send me your query to with the subject line "Query for Sarah: I want feedback". If you do this, I will respond with specific query feedback, on either why this isn't working or why it is. This will be good for queries sent September 3rd and 4th only. If you don't use the right subject line, you will get the normal query response I usually send, which won't be as detailed.

Here's the deal. This needs to be an honest to goodness real query. That means it should be for MG and YA only, and only be for a completed, polished project you are ready to put out there. I'm going to be more than a little ticked if I request pages only to learn that your manuscript isn't ready and you were only "testing" your query.

A note here: it is entirely possible that I could respond with a "yes, this query works", but still not request pages. These are real submissions, so just because the query works doesn't mean it will be something I'm interested in and I still have to like the sample pages.

Okay, that's it. Pass this along to any of your querying friends. If you have questions leave them in the comments. Enjoy your Labor Day!