End of the week blathering

This has been one of those weird weeks where I'm not really sure if I was productive or not. So Wednesday night I threw up my hands and grabbed a book. There is nothing like a good book to pull me out of weirdness. Since it was purely a fiction 'for the fun of it' book, I shook things up on Thursday and read a non-fiction industry book. This way I was able to read for two days and not feel like I was skipping out on my obligations. That said, this weekend will be totally dedicated to the inbox.

Speaking of the inbox, I was blown away with the responses to my query feedback offer. You guys rock with your amazingly positive attitudes. I've responded to a few so far and, already, the responses have been great. I hope to get to all of them in the next week.

In other related news, I have a few new interviews up. First, I've got all my wish list goodness up over at YAtopia, a great site for fans of teen fiction. I also have an interview over on my client, Michelle Hauck's, page. These are great places to check out if you are planning to query me or if you are at all curious at how strange I am.

Just for fun, do you have a go to book or genre for turning a ho-hum week into a stellar one?