Yes, writers are readers, but...

The writing community is amazing. Seriously, all kinds of awesome. When an author comes out with a new book, it's not surprising when the other authors in his/her network pull out the love and help run some promotion. And that's great.

But at the end of the day, most of those authors all have the same audience, made up of...other authors.

Yeah, it's like that. It's lovely and heartwarming, and a little bit like running on a big hamster wheel. Authors are readers, but they make up only a teeny, tiny little piece of the pie of readers you really want to reach.

To the rescue comes this great post from Laura Pepper Wu sharing 31 tips for getting your work in front of people outside of your own circle. Some of these are ideas that I've shared here on the blog, but all of them are great ways to get your book in front of readers who aren't a regular part of your circle.

What's your best tip for promoting your work to readers outside of your current network?