Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Blog Tour: Content emails

By now you should have all the kinks worked out with who is doing what when. You'll need to send each host an individual email including all the content they need for their post and the link to a page with this same information. Give them several ways to build their post.

Be sure to include any images (such as the banner, your picture, the cover photo). These should be included as separate attachments and not just pasted into a word document. Some blog hosting sites don't allow for images to be copied into a post. Also include all your links (to the tour page, the rafflecopter, etc.) and remind them to use the hash tag when sharing their post on Twitter or FB.

While you want to allow your host to structure their post in any way that works best for their site, a lot of hosts will be thankful if you just tell them what to post where. To that end, a sample layout of what the page should look like, along with the information posted in the same order, can be a real blessing. Just make sure your hosts know this is a suggestion and they are free to post the content however they see fit.

The main objective is to make this as easy as possible for your host. When a blogger has a good experience with an author they are more likely to work with them again in the future and tell other bloggers about their experience.

Don't forget to include all your contact information in this email (it should really be on all your emails) so your tour host can reach out if they have any questions.


  1. Perfect! You're absolutely right about everything. I did this with my cover reveal. I will say one thing though - authors should send a reminder email a couple of days before the event. Bloggers are human and they can forget. (I didn't do this, and learned from my mistake.)

    1. Good tip, Lexa. I know some writers are hesitant to send extra emails in the fear they are being a nag, but it's much easier to delete an email you don't need than to go hunting for one that you do. :)


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