DIY Blog Tour: Host thank you

I guess it's appropriate that this tip about showing appreciation falls on Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey. I'm thankful for all my wonderful readers this year that continue to teach me new ways to share our words with others. Happy Thanksgiving.

Once your tour is over, you'll likely want to kick off your shoes and relax. But not yet. I already mentioned a host contest. If you do this, be sure to draw a name and send the reward right away. But no matter what you do, be sure to thank each and every host individually. I realize the time this takes, but again, your tour would be nothing without them.

If possible, include numbers such as new followers or books sales that resulted from the tour. Reviewers and bloggers like to know that they are making a difference, so hearing that your tour was successful makes them more likely to sign up again in the future. 

Emails are fine, but if you have an address, a hand written thank you card would be even better.  This is all about showing appreciation and building goodwill. A strong connection built at this stage makes it much easier for you the next time you plan a tour or just need a place to do a little promotion. When you've shown yourself to be easy to work with and a genuine good guy, people will want to help you again.