DIY Blog Tour: Pick a tour, any tour

There are lots of different tour formats, so before you start contacting bloggers you need to decide what kind of tour you want. Go traditional with a book highlight, all reviews, mixed tape with reviews, interviews, guest posts, or something completely unique to you and your book. Here's a look at a few options you might want to consider.

Book Highlight Tour
This is the most basic tour format. For each stop, you provide the blogger with all your books basic info like release date, back cover copy and cover photo. On their assigned day, they spotlight your book without any extra commentary. If done all on one day as a blitz this can be effective in raising awareness for your novel, but isn't likely to engage your audience.

Review Tour
This one requires the least amount of work from you, but is the hardest to pull off. Simply because it's difficult to get reviewers to narrow down a specific date they can review your book. You may find several bloggers who agree to review your book, but can't commit to a certain day to have it posted.

Guest Post Tour
For a guest post tour you are providing a unique guest post for each of your tour stops with a brief snippet about your novel at the end. This is great if your readers live in hard to reach places that aren't as obvious as review sites. This is most common in non-fiction, but can be used for fiction as well.

Mixed Tape Tour
This is my personal favorite since it offers up a little something for everyone and gives your tour hosts a lot of flexibility in working you in to their existing blog format. This type of tour requires the most coordination and probably causes the most headaches, but I think it's worth it.

Free For All
Just because most tours are made up of guest posts and reviews doesn't mean yours has to be. Maybe you want to try a scavenger hunt? How about a food or music themed tour. Eliza Tilton ran a Choose Your Own Adventure tour last spring that was a lot of fun. Don't box yourself into an idea of what a tour should be. Let our writer's brain free and get creative

No matter what kind of tour you decide to run, make sure you are very clear about the amount of work each tour will require. I know Eliza worked her tail off for weeks coordinating tour stops, writing story snippets and making sure everything went live at the right time.

If the idea of making that happen on your own sounds horrifying, find a tour buddy. Another author with a release date a month before or after yours can be a great asset. You can be an extra set of hands for each other when the crazy sets in.