Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY Blog Tour: Request Time

You're almost done with all the prep work. One last thing is to write your request letter. We aren't sending them yet, because the last thing you want is to waste all your hard work so far by sending out form letters.

That said, there is a lot of standard information that most, if not all, bloggers will want from you. Even if a blogger doesn't ask for something, I can't imaging a reviewer being upset that you included page count. Now is not the time to be vague about your book. Include all the pertinent info like release date, publisher, page count, etc. If you are self-publishing, don't hide it. If your book has won any awards or received starred reviews from places like Kirkus or Publisher's Weekly, now is the time to include this information, but don't go overboard. And, don't forget to include tour dates!

Be Specific. Don't beat around the bush when it comes to the asking. Bloggers are busy people and they don't have time for a four page run down of what you want. Invite them to be a part of the tour. Provide them with several options such as a book review, interview, guest post, etc. Give them the choice for what works best for their readers and always offer them a copy of the book, no strings attached. Even if they don't sign on for a review, you never know when they might pick up your book and review it.

Also, be certain all of your own personal information is included. You'd be surprised how many people fail to sign emails these days. Make sure your name, website, twitter handle, Goodreads account, FB page, etc. are all listed. Reviewers want to know that you'll be able to promote their post as well.

The idea here is to get all the basic information everyone will need in one neat and tidy place. Tomorrow, we'll get down to business.


  1. Wonderful advice! I've been inundated with review requests, and many of them are sorely lacking in the information department. Just to let everyone know, a little personalization in a note goes a long way. I got a review request yesterday for a book I wasn't interested in reading. The author wrote a lovely personalized note that included a comment about my own author bio. I ended up recruiting my husband to read his book because I simply couldn't send a rejection to such a nice request!

    I am much more likely to accept a review request if the author includes lots of information so I don't have to run an internet search to find it. Of course the information should be concise and relevant :)

  2. Great advice. Thanks for posting.Its great to read.


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