DIY Blog Tour: Review

You're almost done. The tour's a rap, prizes are sent and everyone has been thanked as much as possible. Now is the time to sit down and think about your next tour. Before you start throwing rotten fruit at my head, hear me out.

Now is when the tour is the most fresh in your mind. Any sore spots probably still sting a bit. Over time, they will fade and you'll forget about the one crucial thing you swore you'd do next time. Don't let yourself forget these important lessons.

Write down all the tour aspects that went really well and the areas you know need to be improved. Then tuck the list away in a place where you can find it later and take a break. Trust me, you'll be glad you did this when it comes time to really plan the next tour.

And now it's time to put your feet up...but only for a minute. A blog tour is only one way to promote your book and, hopefully, you've got other plans. Remember that marketing your work isn't a sprint (though it may feel that way at times). It's your job to keep your book in front of readers. And maybe, some day, your book will take on marketing legs of its own. Every writer can dream. For now, you can be proud of a job well done.