DIY Blog Tour: Send your copies

If you haven't done it yet, be sure to get review copies into the hands of anyone who offered to review the book asap. Generally, it's best to do this as the requests come in, but I understand that a daily trip to the post office isn't always possible.

Don't just throw your book in a bubble mailer and call it a day. If you have any bookmarks, be sure to tuck one in. Also, including a one sheet can help the reviewer keep track of the information. This includes a picture of the book, the back cover blurb, the basic publication information (publisher, release date, page count, etc.), tour date information, and bio and head shot of you. If that all doesn't fit on one page, cut out the bio info. The goal here is to have something quick and easy for a reviewer to look at that reminds them what your book is. Keep in mind, they probably receive several of these packages every day. You want yours to stand out and move up their TBR list.

At the minimum, include a handwritten note thanking the reviewer for taking a look at your book. Each review represents hours of reading a writing, and is mostly a thankless job. You are not too busy to send a thank you note.

Even for those bloggers who didn't agree to a review, it doesn't hurt to send them a book. I don't recommend the cost of sending a physical copy to everyone, unless you've got the funds to do so. But an ebook or a "free" coupon is always a nice way to say you appreciate them. And you never know when a review you weren't expecting might pop up.