DIY Blog Tour: SWAG

If you're doing a giveaway or contest, gather together all the items and take a good picture that can be included on your tour schedule page and raffle copter. DO NOT wait until the tour is over and then go looking for something only to discover you can't find it. You're best off putting it all together, taking some great pictures and then boxing it up so it's ready to be shipped at the end of the blog tour. Save yourself the hassle later. Your winner will appreciate the speedy delivery.

When it comes to contests, I know most folks who have physical items keep the contest limited to US only. I can't tell you how many times I've heard non-US residents complain about this. This is especially relevant if your book is going to be available in other countries. 

I suggest spending a little less on the actual prize and splurging on shipping so you can include everyone. Folks outside of the US are so rarely included, you're likely to draw traffic simply by opening it up to them.

Once you've got the swag gathered and photographed, don't forget to spread the word. A picture of your swag pack posted on social media is sure to bring visitors to your tour stops.  Plus, friends and family are more likely to re-tweet and share an opportunity to win something than a simple post pointing readers to a tour stop. You can do this toward the end of the tour as well with a countdown to the close of the raffle.

We know that contests and drawings pull in views, so don't hide yours. Use visual images, even if it's just a picture of a gift card, to attract more readers.