DIY Blog Tour: Tour material

While all the yes responses are rolling in, now's the time to start writing your tour material. If you are doing a mixtape tour, it's a good idea to write up your material well in advance. Depending on the number of stops you are shooting for, you're going to need a lot of material. Keep in mind that you want readers to visit each tour stop, so each one needs to have original content.

Not sure what to include. Here's a link that includes several different ideas for tour stop posts.

When it comes to pre-writing, I suggest a few interview posts (both questions and answers) and a guest post or two about your writing process, your world, your characters, etc. Don't wait on the hosts to ask you for the material to start writing. Get as much done ahead of time so you'll have time to focus on the ones that can't be pre-written.

When planning the content for your tour stops remember that blog tours have become an every day occurrence. If you want to stand out, your content needs to be original and memorable. Don't waste all the hard work and effort of organizing a tour by phoning in your posts. Put the time in to create something that will get readers talking.